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I have dreamt of staying in one of these traditional Moroccan courtyard houses named Riad. pix source: web

“My flight to Casablanca is on Sunday! I can’t wait….” before I can finish the sentence, the Moroccan Embassy officer interrupts flatly: “14 people are supposed to fly off tonight, and their visas are still pending.”

The message is clear – my case is not the most urgent, as I still have two days grace period, while others are only hours away from boarding, why am I complaining?

My sister and I have submitted our visa application to visit Morocco since December 4th, but the very next day, apparently, the country experiences a worldwide technical problem with its electronic visa issuance system.

My sister is lucky, as her application was one of the three visas approved for the entire past week before the system crushed, while mine, got stuck in the midst of processing, just short of pressing the “print” key when the system failed. (more…)

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